Your Friend’s Date is a dating app with a difference!

You get to introduce your friends and contacts with each other.


Do you know two people that would be ideally suited together? Now you can introduce them without any embarrassment. Simply choose two people that you think would be great together. Create a profile for each of them and make the connection.


Your friends will receive an email with a link to Your Friend’s Date app. When they login they will see the profile of your suggested connection, but not the name or photograph. So, they will have a good idea of whether they would like to know more.


If they do they can connect. If both parties accept they can see the name and full details and they can start a conversation. If they don’t want to connect they don’t have to do anything, and no-one will know who has rejected the connection.


It’s completely anonymous until they both choose to connect. Your connections can adjust their profile too, just in case you didn’t get it quite right. Once your connections have downloaded the app they can make their own connection with their friends too.

It’s fun, it’s free
and you might just make that perfect match.

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